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We have had a great few weeks here at Lipstick Boutique. With Photo Shoots and Fashion Shows taking place, the Lipstick Girls have been working very hard to bring you the best in the newest trends and styles.

As you have probably heard by now, last week we took a trip to Marrakesh in Morocco with our favorite Essex babe Jessica Wright. We were shooting for our High Summer collection in the heat of the stunning and exotic location. It was a hard job, but I suppose somebody had to do it. Of course Jessica looked absolutely, effortlessly, flawless as we photographed her in some gorgeous locations. The highlight had to be the gardens of the former home of Yves Saint Laurent. We are just too excited to share this with you all so here is a little preview from the shoot! Enjoy…



As well as all the excitement of the shoot we’ve also been gaining a bit of inspiration for some exciting new designs. The catwalk at fashion event ‘Pure London’ has provided us with some great ideas for more beautiful, fashion forward collections. Talking of fashion forward, keep an eye on those jumpsuits; we are sure they are going to become the new essential to your wardrobe this season.


Now after all of that excitement we were definitely ready for a bit of a rest this weekend. However there is never much time to rest at Lipstick and with two major British award ceremonies taking place in the same week, it looks like we will be busier than ever! Last night we saw all the glitz and glamor from this year’s BAFTAS and we look forward to the Brits taking place on Wednesday. Plus who can forget, it was the start of London Fashion Week on Friday too. We can’t wait to see what the best of British Music, Film and off course Fashion have in store for us! This is just too exciting!


One of the Lipstick Girls favorite looks from last nights BAFTAS. Angelina and Brad rocking the his and hers suits.


04/02/2014 01:25:00

One hopes to be ready for “Date Night”

Jessica Wright is sure getting her ideas in place while jet setting off to a secret exotic location for her high summer collection.

We are so excited in seeing Jessica Wrights hair style while wearing her new collection!!  Aren’t you?

Now for Red Hot Jessica Wright Dresses NINA RED is a must have for those in need of a steamy date!!  I’m sure looking forward to my own Valentine’s with some champagne and that perfect dress

Now if you want to have fun like our Jess from Towie we would recommend buying a juicy red lipstick to match Jessica wrights siren dress- That would tempt a mere mortal to everlasting love with our Red Mistress

red v 2

Don’t forget to leave reminders for the man of your dreams.

I’m sure Jessica – Jess only way is essex!!!  Has the most tempting ideas to seduce and keep her current love Ricky Rayment happy! Do you?

If you want chocolates, flowers or a nice perfume you can try and hint but the best thing to do is give him a give kiss and say “I want……”

It seems to work so much better then guesses or leaving it to him to get it right!

Another great dress if want to look so super sexy and keep warm:  choose Jessica Wrights ELLEN Dress.

Have you ever wanted to know how long you can get away with celebrating Valentine’s Day? We at Lipstick Boutique say forever.

You don’t have to be a teen to have a hot date!!  How old is Jessica Wright! She is 28 and still has a great time!!

See all our recommended date dresses A Date with Red

Good luck all you lovelies and have a great hoot this valentines.

Sweet Dreams

Love Lipstick Boutique

Diary of a Lipstick Chick

28/02/2013 03:31:00
Hi girls,

I hope you are all enjoying the week so far!

We’ve been super busy at Lipstick HQ, and had to pack our bags this week and head up to Manchester to mingle with the likes of Corrie’s gorgeous Brooke Vincent, Shobna Gulati, Georgia May Foote, and Krissi Bohn at Rhino Events & Dynasty Media’s annual gifting and pampering retreat at The Great John Street Hotel.

The girls loved the dresses and left with their favourites, so keep your eyes peeled for them.

Please keep sending us your Lipstick dresses, we really do LOVE seeing them, and remember if you are having a fashion crisis – we are one tweet away!


Look of the Week

'Chanel' dress, Lipstick Boutique, £60.00
My look for this week is the ‘Chanel’ dress. I’m a real fan of Art Deco print and the sheer detailing on the dress and I’ve purchased this dress for a date next week (more on that later). 

Grey Blazer, £40.00, River Island
I’ve teamed mine with the grey blazer below so that the panelling on the dress still stands out. Black sling back heels are a must for all girls’ wardrobes. They go with absolutely EVERYTHING and always come back into fashion. 
Black Simple Sandal, £45.00, Miss Selfridge
Carrie Bradshaw believes you can never have enough shoes or bags, and if that’s a good enough excuse for her it’s good enough for me, so I’ve added a luxury item to my look this week. I’m determined to have this bag in my life. If I have to eat spaghetti hoops for the rest of the month so be it…
Vintage Lips Clutch, £295.00, Lulu Guinness
The pop of colour finishes off the outfit perfectly. If you can’t stretch to a red clutch this month and a flick of pillar box red lippie.


I don’t know about you girls but I am a fan of BIG hair. Along with Cheryl Cole, Tulisa and the Duchess of Cambridge my hair is my safety net. I instantly feel more confident with big hair, I don’t know what it is, but I just don’t feel ‘ready’ without a back combed bouffant do.

Unfortunately for me, and most of the women in the UK we cannot afford £300 blow drys and personal stylists, so I have to try and create the look on a budget. Here are my top tips!

1.    Try and wash your hair the day before an event. Curls will stick much better in hair that’s not too smooth and sleek. If you are worried about your hair looking greasy, spray some Batiste dry shampoo onto the roots. This will give you hair a fresh feeling but also boost the roots.

2.    Heated hair rollers are an investment, I use the Babyliss ones. Section hair, misting with a little hairspray and put the rollers in. Try and let these set for as long as possible, the longer you leave them in the bigger the hair.

Babyliss Pro Heated Rollers, £34.95, Argos
3.    Take the rollers out, and back comb roots to create Cheryl Cole worth hair.

4.    Finally, brush through the curls to create natural looking curls, and finish with a final spritz of hairspray!

Five minutes with your favourite celebs!

I caught up with Channels 5 weather girl Sian Welby who is massive fan of the Lipstick Collection whether (see what I did there) she is working or at a Celebrity party she brightens our day with the Lipstick look.

Who is your fashion icon?
Thanks to supermodel Cara Delevingne my eyebrows are finally trendy!! Haha!! But when it comes to clothing I think I have similar taste to Molly King from the Saturday's.

What are your wardrobe must – haves?
I'm such a tomboy at heart! I live in my jeans and jackets, but I love shoes, especially wedges! I'm also into coloured blazers at the mo! My wardrobe is very full!

What is your Fashion Mantra?
Don't be a sheep! Don't copy someone's style for the sake of it, not all trends suit all body shapes, so work out what works for you and mix it up! Don't get hung up on sizes either, it's better that it looks good than it looks too small!

What is your make up Must Have?
Black eyeliner, my eyes feel naked without it!

Whose style would you steal? 

 My beautiful friend, presenter Zoe Hardman always looks stunning and I'd like to steal everything in Laura Whitmore's wardrobe!! They are some seriously sexy ladies!!

< Sian Welby at the re-launch of Jewell bar Piccadilly wearing the Georgia burgundy from Lipsticks Lydia Bright Collection £75.00
Sain wearing the Red Mia From Jessica Wrights collection and the Black Gillet from  Lipsticks own collection
Style Steal

Leah Dress, £60.00, Lipstick Boutique
Ristle Contrast Dress, Ted Baker, £159.00

Lipstick Chick

Speed Dating finally arrived. I naturally prepared myself by wearing my biggest pair of Spanx pants, my favourite dress and necking half a bottle of wine. To say I was giving Bridget Jones a run for her money would be a complete understatement.

Sinead and I arrived early and I honestly considered walking back out. In the corner of my eye I spotted four men who resembled sweaty, greasy teenagers left on a football bench. I marched straight to the bar and ordered another bottle of wine. It seemed the only solution for me to get through it. 

Time passed and more guys turned up. This time looking more like Boyfriend material than Undateables and we got started. The majority of the guys were horrific (I’m going to be brutally honest). Mark*, 24, who was clearly older, spent the entirety of the three minutes starting at my chest and not my face. Simon*, 27, had been to the event 29 times – and never, ever had a date which sounded promising (note my sarcasm). How could I forget Jack*, 32, who’s interests resembled a 16 year old boy. He enjoyed playing video games, and his favourite food was Dominoes because he didn’t have to make it – cute.

There was however one that did catch my eye. Nathan*, 26, from Durham was an Architect and had recently moved to the area. He was good looking, had banter, and we had a lot in common. It also transpired later on in the night his family lived on the same road as my Aunt in Durham. If that’s not coincidence – I don’t know what is!!

We’ve swapped numbers and decided to go on a proper date next week which is exciting and means I have an excuse to buy another Lipstick number – whoops! 

Track of the Week

It’s nearly FRIDAY girls!

Watermelon mojitos, banter and dodgy dance moves….are nearly within reach.

Diary of a Lipstick Chick

20/02/2013 04:25:00
Hi Girls,

It’s been a busy week at Lipstick HQ this week, and when we’ve had a spare five minutes our eyes have been glued to London Fashion Week. Fashion is like a time machine, able to step in to your past but able to come back in the future. Trends come and go, and that’s why it is so important to invest in ‘key pieces’ that are timeless items you can wear now – or in five years and still feel great in. My favourite shows at London Fashion week so far have been Burberry, Christopher Kane, and Matthew Williamson (his collection is amazeballs).

I for one am already counting down to the weekend – and what better way to let my hair down than at ‘Jewel’ cocktail bar. Situated in the heart of London’s Piccadilly Circus the bar has undergone a dazzling refurbishment. The re launch is taking place on Friday 22nd Feb, with champagne and canapes on arrival, and with a celebrity guest list attending and international DJ ‘Basshunter’ taking to the decks, I am sure to have a great time.

To RSVP and attend the star studded event visit You can also check out the cocktail menu while you’re at it, I recommend the Watermelon Mojito!

I hope you Lipstick girls enjoy your weekend, be sure you Tweet us your Lipstick party dresses – we love to see them!

Twitter: @Lipstick_UK

Look of the Week

Winter is finally becoming a distant memory, and the weather this week has given me some much needed vitamin D onto my pasty skin!
‘Blossom’ dress, £75.00,

Summer is my favourite time of year and with that in mind I am full speed ahead in banishing my winter woollies and keeping my eyes peeled for colourful replacements.

I am literally, head over heels, in LOVE with the ‘Blossom’ dress from the Lydia Rose Bright collection from Lipstick Boutique. Floral prints and embellishment are an investment for your wardrobe as they always make a return to the runway.

I would wear it with a bright blue blazer to make the outfit pop to ensure heads turn and a nude heel to elongate your pins.
Blue Blazer, £45.00,
‘Lazcano’ Heels, £49.98,

Keep make up simple or the look will look more Boy George than fashionista. Wear a flick of black eyeliner and finish with a bright pink lippie.


As excited as I am about summer approaching, the thought of getting my pins out in daylight gives me the jitters. They have been hidden away for months under opaque tights and it’s safe to say…. I have neglected them, like flowers when people buy them for me. I’m sure you girls can agree with me on that one!

Now is the time to start prepping, so that by the summer months, our legs are as smooth as a baby’s bum.

These are my top tips for achieving the perfect pins:

1) De Fuzz: Try and shave or wax at least 24 hours before exfoliation to ensure you don’t irritate your skin or your legs will look like corned beef (and that’s not sexy).

2) Exfoliate: This is KEY, as your knees and feet are likely to resemble an elephants after months of neglect. The Body Shop do a great selection of body scrubs from £5.00 that smell divine and are great for people with sensitive skin.

Dove Intensive Nourishing Lotion, £7.49,
3)    Moisturise: Moisturising your legs, is the same as watering your plants; you sometimes forget, but ultimately it has to be done. My favourite is Dove ‘Intensive’ Nourishing lotion; it instantly makes my legs feel smoother. At bed time, I smother my feet in it, and pop some thick socks on. Victoria Beckham swears by it, and if it’s good enough for her, then it’s good enough for us!

Style Steal

Neon Floral Jacquard Dress by Stella McCartney, £695.00,
Florence Dress, £75.00, Lydia Rose Bright Collection,

Lipstick Chick

The realisation that I have actually let my friend talk me in to speed dating is really setting in and it’s just given me further clarification I should not make decisions like this under the influence of vodka or any decisions for that matter. 

My friend has tried to reassure me that Mr Perfect may be there, and he just might be. In reality however, I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a night of cringe worthy chat up lines and awkward silences with men old enough to be my Dad. 

This really got me thinking, and I decided to find out what the worst chat up lines people have told, or been asked. These were my top five:

1) ‘On the first date with my current girlfriend, I told her she looked like a Robert De Niro’ – Steve Ellis, London

2) ‘If you were a car door, I’d slam you’ – Matt Bushell, Kent

3) ‘I once asked a bird I’d just meet if she was a closet ginger. God knows how I turned that one round.’ – Jake Dowling, Manchester

4) ‘You look like my future wife’ – Darren Fuller, Kent

5) ‘If I could rearrange the alphabet, I’d put U and I together’ – Kevin Moran, Ireland

Track of the Week

Their recent show has aired on E! Entertainment and I am hooked. ‘What About Us’ is the group’s newest single and I predict a top ten hit. It’s the perfect anthem for any girl’s night – or in my case, banishing my winter woollies from my wardrobe and dreaming about holiday season! 

Hi Ladies,

Yesterday was the massive launch of the Lydia Rose Bright spring collection which meant the internet was rife with the hottest Lydia Bright and Lipstick Boutique gossip!

We don’t want you to miss out on anything so check out all the lovely online coverage we’ve received!


Hi Ladies,

Lipstick Boutique HQ couldn't be busier as this week has been the very exciting launch of the Lydia Rose Bright S/S13 collection.

So rush to pick up your copy of Heat, Look, New and Star magazine ladies to read all about Lipstick Boutique and Lydia!

Heat Magazine 19th February

Look Magazine 19th February

 New Magazine 19th February

 Star Magazine 19th February

The Diary of a Lipstick Chick

14/02/2013 01:00:00
Hi Lipstick ladies,

Look of the Week

My look for this week includes the newest dress to the Jessica Wright collection for Lipstick. The ‘Ivy’ is from the Spring/Summer 2013 collection and is a key dress that’s wearable for any occasion. The block colouring and detailing on the midriff, are bang on trend at the minute and super slimming!
‘Sammie’ Black court shoe, £42.00,

I would team it with this classic suede clutch, and black peep toes from Miss Selfridge. Peep toe shoes instantly elongate and slim down legs.
Black suede clutch, £38.00,
The clutch is great as it’s big enough to fit your essentials in, and not detailed to draw your eyes away from the dress. Finish the look off with your hair in a tousled side bun and you are party ready!


Spring is approaching, so what better time of year than now to clear out your make up bag. You don’t need your favourite lipstick from seven years ago or the eye shadow you got free with Cosmo mag.

Makeup, like food has a shelf life and it’s important to get rid of prehistoric products. It’s all about the essentials. Tip all your products out onto the floor and separate into groups.

Once you have sorted them into groups go through and check the quality of the make-up. If you have for example four mascaras that are all dried up then you need to get rid (Mascara should be renewed every three months). I always say to myself, if I haven’t used something in three months it’s not a necessity and it goes into the BIN.

Clinique Brush Cleanser, £12.50,
When you have done this, take the time to clean your most important tools; your make up brushes. Ideally you should wash brushes monthly, as these can gather dirt and bacteria that encourage spots (and nobody wants that). I swear by ‘Clinique Make -up Brush Cleanser, £12.50’ as you can use this instantly to cleanse your brushes. If you are on a budget you can also rinse your brushes with a small amount of washing up liquid or shampoo and leave to dry overnight. They will be as good as new!

Style Steal

Scooter Dress, Marc Jacobs, £385.00

Zoe Dress,

Wedding Fever

I spent my Sunday with another friend of mine who is getting married at an annual Wedding Fair. I got far too excited about the prospect of dress hunting for someone who is not engaged – or even settled down for that matter. I was so excited for my friend, as she made some final touches to her special day, but I couldn’t help but feel I was destined to end up with cats and microwave meals for one.

My phone kept beeping throughout the day. I’d been out the night before sinking far too many cocktails with the girls. We got very merry, and I couldn’t quite remember our in depth drunken conversations, until I read a text, ‘don’t forget we are going Speed Dating in two weeks, you promised you would go last night X’

I’m not quite sure I will find Husband material there, but I’m thinking this might be fun and encourage me to get back on the dating scene so that I don’t end up with cats.

I have a Lipstick number lined up to wear, so I will keep you posted on how it goes!

Track of the Week

2013 seems to be the year for comebacks, and although I wasn’t keen on his debut single ‘Suit & Tie,’ Justin Timberlake has reminded me why I love him with this sneak peek of his new single ‘Mirrors.’

Valentine Special 5 mins with our favourite Jessica Wright

Getting Loving and Lippy Celeb style

1, What is your ideal venue or place for a Valentine’s Day date?

A lovely restaurant for dinner or a romantic night away.

2, What is the best date you have ever had? 

Concert with Ricky

3, Who would be your dream Date?

Leonardo Dicaprio

4, Please give us your best Dress from your collection you would for Valentines.

Red tight benglen dress

5, What would you take on a date in your handbag that you couldn't live without?

Lip gloss, phone, lash glue!

6, Give us 3 tip’s for all those girls out there who are going on their first date! 

Have a glass of wine for courage before going, don't dress too sexy to give wrong idea, never kiss on first date!

Love Letters of Great Men

When Carrie Bradshaw of "Sex and the City" fame began reading the book ‘Love Letters of Great Men’ millions of women wanted to get their hands on the book. Of course, what could be more romantic than an entire book of love letters, written by men!  Unfortunately the "Love Letters of Great Men" book was not real!! And was just a prop but was then published in response to fan demand.

Here are a couple of poems to get you in the Valentine’s mood!!!

Two poems written by Washington are known to survive, both are creations of a teenage boy frustrated in love. There is one of them.

From your bright sparkling Eyes, I was undone;
Rays, you have, more transparent than the sun,
Amidst its glory in the rising Day,
None can you equal in your bright array;
Constant in your calm and unspotted Mind;
Equal to all, but will to none Prove kind,
So knowing, seldom one so Young, you'll Find
Ah! woe's me that I should Love and conceal,
Long have I wish'd, but never dare reveal,
Even though severely Loves Pains I feel;
Xerxes that great, was't free from Cupids Dart,
And all the greatest Heroes, felt the smart.

An Extract taken from Beethovens love letters!

My angel, my all, my very self. - Only a few words today, and, what is more, written in pencil (and with your pencil) I shan't be certain of my rooms here until tomorrow; what an unnecessary waste of time is all this, why this profound sorrow, when necessity speaks can our love endure without sacrifices, without our demanding everything from one another, can you alter the fact that you are not wholly mine, that I am not wholly yours? Dear God, look at Nature in all her beauty and set your heart at rest about what must be Love demands all, and rightly so, and thus it is for me with you, for you with me but you forget so easily that I must live for me and for you; if we were completely united, you would fee this painful necessity just as little as I do…. No doubt we shall meet soon; and today also time fails me to tell you of the thoughts which during these last few days I have been revolving about my life. If our hearts were always closely united, I would certainly entertain no such thoughts. My hear overflows with a longing to tell you so many things Oh there are moments when I find that speech is quite inadequate. Be cheerful and be for ever my faithful, my only sweetheart, my all, as I am yours. The gods must send us everything else, whatever must and shall be our fate

Your faithful Ludwig

Hi Ladies,
Look who is in this week's Look Magazine! Our lovely Lydia Bright got photographed on the streets of London whilst showcasing her latest collection for Lipstick Boutique.

If you like Lydia Bright's dress then no fear ladies as you can pre-order the 'Kate' dress now online at Lipstick Boutique.
C'mon, what are you waiting for?!

The Diary of a Lipstick Chick

06/02/2013 04:31:00
Hi Lipstick ladies,

It has been a VERY busy week at Lipstick HQ, and this week I was lucky enough to spend the day with Jessica Wright shooting her campaign for her Spring/Summer ‘13 collection at celeb hangout ‘Kanaloa’. Recent guests at the club have included TOWIE favourites Chloe Simms and Lauren Pope. Comedian Russell Kane is also a regular sampling the Tiki delights, and model Caprice launched her Spring/Summer 2012 swimwear collection at the exclusive venue. I have got to say – the dresses are stunning. The collection has a mix of monochrome, lace, prints and eye catching colours. It’s safe to say I was in Lipstick heaven!

Make sure you follow our Twitter for sneak peak action: @Lipstick_UK


Look of the Week
Mia Red, £60.00, Lipstick Boutique
With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, I thought it would be rude not to have an LRD in this week’s blog (Little Red Dress), and the ‘Mia’ dress is a great option for date nights!  The dress is a favourite of mine as the style is so flattering. The detailing on the shoulders of the dress balances out top heavy figures. Wear with a thin waist belt to draw away from problem areas like muffin tops, and add these T Bar beauties from Zara to finish the look off and you are date ready. Ryan Gosling, where art though?
Printed Platforms, £59.99,

I managed to steal some time with the Hair & Beauty team on the shoot. Make-up artist Krystal let me snoop at her make up products, and gave me tips on creating Jess’ look!

Hi Krystal, what look have you given Jess today?

I’ve given her a 1940’s Hollywood glam look. This is a favourite of Jess’ and compliments the dresses in her collection.

What products have you used to create this look?

Today I’ve used Crown brushes, they are my favourite they are great for blending. I’ve used a ‘MAC’ primer, and ‘MAC Sculpt’ foundation. It’s my favourite foundation because its gel based so it’s not too oily or to dry and creates a flawless finish.   

Is a Primer a necessity in the make-up process?

Most definitely, you should ALWAYS use a primer as a base before foundation. It makes your foundation last much longer and ensure it sits well on your skin.

What else did you use to create the look?

For eyes, I used ‘Clinique’ Gel Liner in Black, and ‘Crown’ brushes to flick the eyeliner. The trick to getting this right is taking your time, otherwise it will smudge. Jess is also wearing ‘Girls Attitude’ false lashes. For cheeks, I love MAC’s blusher in ‘Peachy Keen’, and for the lips I have used a new product by ‘Lime Crime’ in ‘Suede Berry.’

Follow Krystal on Twitter for Make-Up tips:@KrystalDawnMUA

After scoffing Pret-A Manger sandwiches I finally got to catch up with Hair Stylist Hannah, who let me in on the secret to perfecting Cheryl Cole worthy locks!

Hannah, please let me into the secret of creating big hair!

To start I blow dry the hair and then set it with rollers. Leave the rollers in for as long as you can, and then f I swear by Schwarzkopf ‘Dust It’, you dust it onto the roots and then back comb. It’s amazing; it really will give you massive hair! To set Jess Hair, I use L’Oreal Elnett Hairspray.

I have also used Glitz Glam Clip in Hair extensions for today’s shoot to add volume to Jess’ hair. 

‘Getting Lippy, Celeb Style’

Five Minutes with your favourite celebs!

I caught up with ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ star Jessica Wright on the shoot for her Spring/Summer 2013 Lipstick Collection.  Despite being on set for over 10 hours, she kept a smile on her face throughout.  Jess isn’t just a pretty face, and certainly got stuck in with ideas on the day to ensure the looks were nothing but perfect!

Jess who is your Fashion Icon?

I love Blake Lively, I don’t necessarily copy her style but I think she always looks amazing no matter what she wears.

What are your wardrobe must haves?

I know I’m going to sound like my Nan, but cardigans – as I’m ALWAYS cold ha-ha!

I think you should always have a statement coat, and an oversized bag that will suit all occasions.

What is your make up Must Have?

That’s a really tough one, as I love my make-up but I would have to say Blusher so I don’t look pale.

What is your fashion mantra?

Don’t have boobs and bum out at the same time, stick to one or the other. I also think you should always dress to suit your size.

What is your favourite dress from the Spring Summer 2013 Collection?

I really love them all, but my favourite would have to be the Coral dress, I love lace, and the dress is really fitted and suits my shape. I also love the colour as it’s really warm and is great for showing of your holiday glow.

You have a new single out too which I love, when is that available for us to buy?!

I do indeed, it’s called ‘Dominoes’ and is available to download from iTunes on 18th February.

Style Steal

Roland Mouret £1,500,

'Hannah’ dress, £65.00,

Bridesmaid Diaries

I had been really, really good on my Bridesmaid diet….. However I did have a naughty weekend and indulged in one too many Bellini’s. Unfortunately for me, the Bride to be is a PE teacher and I was dragged out of my hangover hibernation and forced to go for a run at 7am on Sunday morning (which was horrific, by the way).
Anyone that has seen me run will know that I have zero co- ordination. This, along with a champagne hangover resulted in me nearly getting run over twice. My weigh in day is every Tuesday, and despite drinking far too much over the weekend, the run had done the trick and I had still managed to lose another 2lbs – Woo Hoo!

Track of the Week

I know this isn’t a track as such, but I recorded four hours of the Super Bowl, just so I could indulge in this at half time. Beyoncé is on FIRE. My dreams have finally been answered though….Hello World Tour 2013!

Competition Time

Kanaloa have offered the very generous prize of free entry to the venue for you and 5 friends with a table, welcome cocktail each, a bottle on the table and a platter of food. To win this fantastic prize simply answer the following question:

Kanaloa is on

A. Trainer Lane
B. Boot Lane
C. Shoe Lane

Email your answers to to be in with a chance of winning. Please note that terms and conditions can be found here:

 To Visit Kanaloa please take a look at the following Website

Opening Times: Monday and Friday: 4.30pm – 3am | Saturday: 6pm – 3am

Reservations and Event Enquiries: Tel: 0207 842 0620 Email: or follow Kanaloa on twitter to keep up to date with all of the latest information @kanaloaclub.

PLUS, Girls, order your valentines day outfits and receive in time for the big night out. Keep your eyes peeled for next weeks Valentine's special.
It was a big night in Leicester Square last night with both Lydia and Jessica wearing Lipstick Boutique on the red carpet.

 Jessica Wright nailed the monochrome trend by wearing one of her S/S13 designs, which you will be able to buy soon from Lipstick Boutique.

Lydia Bright Stunned in a Lydia Rose Bright for Lipstick Boutique Elizabeth dress.

You can read the full story about the Run For your Wife Premier on the Daily Mail Website.
Hi Ladies,

Last week the beautiful Lydia Bright gave the press a sneaky preview into her Lipstick Boutique collection. Here is what they had to say…


 Daily Star

Best Magazine

The Diary of a Lipstick Chick

01/02/2013 08:00:00
Hi Ladies,

I’m the original Lipstick Chick Nic and I will be keeping you up to date on all things Lipstick, giving you beauty tips, behind the scenes access to Lipstick HQ, updating you on trends and new collections, and most importantly giving you gossip hot off the press. The blog will be updated every Wednesday, perfect for a sneaky mid-week read in the office!

Make sure you follow us on Twitter (@Lipstick_UK), and keep your eyes peeled for details on competitions & events coming up at Lipstick HQ.

Look of the week

Miadress, £60.00
I don’t know about you, but my wardrobe is desperate for a much needed update, and is crying out to banish those winter woollies. I plan on shopping for key pieces this season, and thankfully my favourite trend is back in: Monochrome. Black and White is a great trend as it can be dressed down, or glammed up for a night out with the girls.  It’s a classic trend that you will see used time and time again by both High-street and High-end designers and for good reason. The classic Black suits everyone and makes us all feel more glam and slimmer, who could ask for more? Remember girls Black is always the new Black!

Black Jewel Box Clutch, £15

The Mia Dress (Jessica Wright Collection) is the perfect dress for any city girl looking for a sophisticated look by day and a glam look for after work cocktails. The peplum style is flattering on any figure, and the white belt cinches you in at the waist giving you enviable curves (and curves are in girls! Whoop).  Team this with this black jewel clutch from New Look, which is small enough to sneak in your work bag – and it’s now only £15.00!


Revlon Super Lustrous, £5.00

I am in love with the vintage Hollywood look that is taking the red carpet by storm and recommend this look to any girl looking to add a touch of old school charm. Berry lips and a flick of eyeliner, are bang on trend and ooze glamour. I love Benefit’s ‘Bad Gal’ Lash, £16.00. Although it is expensive, it will save you money on buying false eyelashes as it creates the exact same look , and is much more cost efficient meaning more cash to splash on style staples!

Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick in Black Cherry is a great lip colour to complete the look and will give you Angelina Jolie worthy lips

Five minutes with your favourite celebs!

We caught up with Su Elise Nash, former member of girl group ‘Mis Teeq’, currently residing in Australia, she popped to the UK for a visit recently and whilst here Su-Elise teased us about a potential reunion. I for one hope they get back on my radio, so I can throw some ‘So So So Scandalous’ shapes (do you like what I did there?) on the dance floor.

Who is your fashion icon?

I don’t have a fashion icon as such, I thought about it and I don’t. I tend to dress for my mood and that changes so I don’t have one iconic figure that inspires my style. I take elements from a variety of people.

What are your wardrobe must – haves?

A pair of Christian Louboutin heels, or ‘red bottoms’ as I call them, and an LBD – every girl needs one.

What is your Fashion Mantra?

It’s not what your wear; it’s how you wear it. I always try and remember the three ‘A’s’, Attitude, Accessories, Accentuate.

What is your make up Must Have?

Mac Bronzer, it gives me a healthy glow and brings my face to life.

Whose style would you steal?

I would steal Jennifer Lopez style; she does casual and red carpet well.

True to her word, here she is at the launch of the Jessica Wright Collection rocking her LBD and Louboutin’s. Her dress, ‘Ebony’ is available here To brighten up those January blues we are even giving you 20% off of this dress for one week only. Get to it girls!

Style Steal

 Keeping with the Monochrome theme, I have found these beauties. Both are body con style figure hugging dresses with black and white detail, and both will make you look drop dead gorgeous. There is just tiny difference between the two -  Herve Leger at a whopping £1,360 will break your bank; Lipstick Boutique, with an extra £15 off won’t.
‘Andy’ Dress, Lipstick Boutique

Herve Leger Colour Block Bandage Dress


Hello NTA awards!

X Factor beauty Ella Henderson stole the red carpet limelight at the National Television Awards this week with our very own Georgia dress from the Lydia collection. She teamed her dress with black tights, some killer platforms, a baroque print jacket and embellished necklace.

The dress is a timeless LBD that has been brought bang up to date with some lace detailing that kicks out from the waist and flatters every shape.  Make a more edgy statement by teaming it with a jacket or sex it up with a  pair of sky scraper heels and a flash of red lipstick.

Always the Bridesmaid, Never the Bride

As somebody who is constantly compared to Annie from the film Bridesmaids, you can imagine my horror when my Best friend who started the Annie joke recently asked me to be Bridesmaid at her wedding!

 I’d like to say that I was over joyed at the prospect of being part of her special day, but in fact fear set in, and all the Quality Street I’d eaten over Christmas flashed before my eyes as it then hit me that I would be in every picture on the day for all to see. This called for one thing and one thing only: ‘Operation Skinny’.  The Christmas biscuits have been banished from my cupboards, and I am feeling focused. I have been using Big Brother winner Josie Gibson’s ’30 Second Slim’ DVD, and have already lost 2lbs this week. It focuses on high intensity training with 30 second bursts of fat busting exercise. Each section is just 20 minutes long so it’s perfect for the girl on the go. I read recently that it’s the top selling fitness DVD on the shelves at the moment! I will keep you posted with my progress!

This weeks competition gives you the chance to win 1 of 5 Josie Gibson '30 second slim' DVD's, and in 4 weeks time a dress from the Lipstick collection. Check out the link below for a snippet of Josie's brand new slimming regime!

Take a sneak peek at Josie’s fitness regime here;

Currently in the no.1 spot and the most popular Fitness DVD of 2013. Josie managed to pip celebrity fitness queen Davina McCall to the post breaking Davina's 3 year rule at the top of the sales chart.

In Josie's own words "to shift that timber", answer the following question

Name Josie's Personal Trainer:

A - James Park

B - James Shark

C- James Stark

Please send your answer to the following email:

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Track of the Week

This song has got summer anthem written all over it. If I shut my eyes, I almost think I’m in Ibiza again. A girl can wish…

I hope you loved my first instalment. Please email me any of your fashionista problems at I am already bursting to fill you in on the gossip from Lipstick HQ, but you will have to wait until next week - good things come to those who wait ;-)

Keep your eyes peeled for an exclusive sneak peak at the Spring/Summer 2013 collection, photos from the  shoot and interviews with the Lipstick Design team and the fabulous Jessica Wright!

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